Lucky queen

The story behind the “Lucky Queen” is of a young warrior who falls in love with a local princess. Deep within the Amazonian rainforest lies a large magical temple where a beautiful young maiden sits atop her silver throne, ruling over all the animal tribes. She is called the Lucky Queen and all visitors before her come to ask for her favour and some of her luck. If you have ever been to South America or any of the large South American cities then you will have heard of the “Lucky Queen”. However, most people have no idea just how big a place this magical Amazonian kingdom is and how lucky the people are who live there.

Many different groups have their own unique history. For example, a certain tribal group is well known for being extremely lucky and this is why they are always drawn to mineralization areas rich in deposits of rare minerals such as gold and silver. This is the case with the Lucky Queen’s tribe, which has ruled over many mineralization areas in the past. The last time I was there, I saw that the Lucky Queen was playing in her local casino against another special guest. Although she was winning that game, I noticed that she was not playing on a machine where all the money comes in easy chunks, like the ones in a casino, but rather, she was playing on a small table full of coins inserted into a thick wad of bills, that would be randomly inserted into the machine whenever the lucky number rolled a three on the reels.

If you are looking for real luck and fortune, then maybe you should go to South America and play in the many mineralization areas that surround the many gold and silver deposits that form the background of the Amazonian rainforest. You could easily find yourself surrounded by groups of people just like you who are playing roulette and winning big each time, but that is another story and one that I will save for another time. I would encourage you to play your heart out to locate the next great game you can be a part of, and then you will see just how lucky you are! For now, dig out your favorite news release and find out if it is called the Lucky Queen in the news release!